Unicredit EWC Select Committee Statement on new business plan

Unicredit EWC Select Committee Statement on new business plan

The UEWC Select Committee met last 22nd November to exchange information on working conditions across the Group and to discuss the approaching new business plan to be disclosed on December 9th.

In its consultation capacity, the Select Committee first of all underlines the importance of transnational Social Dialogue, in ordinary times and even more when strategic decisions are about to be taken: Unicredit People are the most relevant stakeholder for the Group, they are the main part of the solution and their voice, through workers’ representatives, should be carefully considered.

Therefore we ask to resume and to intensify the Social Dialogue between Group’s top managers and the EWC/SC within shorter intervals!

People first should not only be a nice slogan: Unicredit employees have suffered the heaviest consequences over the past strategic plans (heavy redundancies, useless outsourcing, ineffective digitalized processes) and despite it they have made the survival of the Group a reality, with their strong professionalism, competence and commitment.

Therefore, in the next strategic plan: no more redundancies, outsourcing and sales of national/country assets and operations!

The centrality of Unicredit people should be Group’s top priority, concretely made of appropriate training, adequate work conditions, work places and work stations, friendly IT and fair workloads, accessible work life balance.

Digitalization serving client’s needs is a good slogan, but the centrality of client, top priority too for sustainable growth, should mean centrality of human relationships with clients and enterprises, through an extensive branch network and human financial advice.

This Group has the dimension and especially the People to win the challenge in a sustainable way!

The Select Committee would also like to stress the difficult situation which colleagues are experiencing, due to the inflation rate which is boosting over Europe and worldwide, we call for concrete initiatives to approach colleagues’ needs, through local social dialogue, with the aim to reduce the impact on their purchasing power.

1 December 2021


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