The Trade Union Alliance and the outsourcing of Cards

The Trade Union Alliance in UniCredit has always declared and repeatedly reaffirmed its opposition to outsourcing that represents an operation of human and professional impoverishment. There is no outsourcing project that has brought the results declared in terms of cost savings or economic evolution. Instead of it, the consequences are diminution of quality of service and deterioration of the working conditions. The Newton project is the recent example-

The TUA requests, while UniCredit Group begins negotiations for sale of Cards branch in Ubis in the countries involved, Italy, Romania, Germany, Austria:
–> to ensure the employment and contractual protections on every level for employees subjected to long-term assignment;
–> to keep the current locations to avoid territorial mobility;
–> that social dialogue, in each country involved, is considered one of the pillars of the negotiation with Unions and Works Councils.

Guarantees of employment, objectively, in a constantly changing environment, are the unique and effective protection that makes the workers more serene about their future in the new reality in all countries.
The Trade Union Alliance, with the support of UNI Europa Finance, will provide maximum support and cooperation to the Trade Unions in the impacted countries, to achieve shared goals and to improve communication and cooperation.
Only with solidarity and awareness of the one common goal, employees can be protected and their professionalism will be respected.

UniCredit Trade Union Alliance

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