Trade Union Alliance of Unicredit – Bucharest 11 – 12 may 2016

Between 11-12 May took place in Bucharest the fourth meeting of the Trade Union Alliance of UniCredit at the Headquarters of UniCredit Bank.
The meeting was attended by representatives of Trade Unions, present in UniCredit, from Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Luxembourg and Romania. At the meeting participated the President of the European Works Council, Angelo di Cristo, the President of the Trade Union Federation of Insurance and Banks Romania, Constantin Paraschiv and Claudia Saller , Policy Officer of Uni Europa.

The main topics faced during the meeting were:
• the unsustainable commercial pressures on UniCredit employees, how to control the phenomenon, implementing the principles of the Joint Declaration on Responsible Sales and focusing on the Protocol on Welfare in the Workplace and Marketing Policies, signed in Italy on April;

• the digitalization on banking and insurance sector: participants debated the impact of digitalization on employment practices on both the local and global markets : what does the future hold for us? Bank branches closed down, reasons for restructuring and downsizing only? Is digitalization an opportunity also for workers?

The TUA members elected the Steering Committee, the Coordinator of the Committee, Giusy Cucinotta (Italy) and two Deputy Coordinators, Ciprian Iliescu (Romania) and Klaus Grünewald ( Germany).

The Alliance Members decided to create a working group composed by Francesco Colasuonno – Italy and Daniel Ivanica – Romania to develop a communication project (forum, website, facebook) in order to promote principles, actions, decisions and also to facilitate the exchange of information and best practices within the Alliance.

At the end of the meeting all members agreed with the fundamental principle of the Trade Union Allliance, declared by the Coordinator in her speech:

“TUA must grant solidarity between all employees represent a wealth for UniCredit Group, a richness that few companies can boast of in Europe. Our workers represent diversity of cultures, thought, languages: but these diversities have to produce proposals and common actions to be pursued.. No one action, neither talk or written communication going against this solidarity principle will be stand by us”.

The Trade Union Alliance of UniCredit
June 2016

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