Solidarieta’ al Sindacato turco e alle famiglie delle vittime dell’attentato di Ankara

UNI Finance, che associa tutti i sindacati del settore finanziario in Europa, esprime la propria solidarietà al Sindacato turco e alla famiglie delle vittime del vile attentato terroristico perpetrato ad Ankara la scorsa settimana, che ha provocato la morte di decime di inermi manifestanti pacifisti.


Message to the participants of the UNI and UNI Europa Finance Conferences, Antalya, Turkey, 21-23 October 2015

Dear Colleagues,

UNI Finance would like to express our solidarity with all trade unions in Turkey and especially with the families and victims of the terrorist attack against the peace rally in Ankara. We strongly condemn this brutal act.

We would like to inform participants of our UNI and UNI Europa Finance Conferences that we are in permanent contact with our members in Turkey. Meetings have taken place with the Governor of Antalya, as well as the hotel and conference centre to discuss security arrangements next week. We are reassured by the commitments and measures that are in place.

The Governor and the Chief of Security of the City of Antalya has given assurances that extraordinary security measures have been in place for several months now. As you are aware, Antalya is the venue of the G20 Summit in November. For several months and each week until the November Summit, G20 events are taking place. The participants include ministers, senior civil servants, top business representatives and civil society. This week the G20 sherpas are in Antalya following on from the central bank governors. All of this requires continuous and heightened security arrangements.

Antalya is located in a region far from Ankara and Istanbul. Antalya is a major destination for international conferences. In addition to hosting the G20 Summit, we are aware that at least fourteen other international conferences are planned to take place in Antalya in the next days and weeks.

The hotel and convention centre for the UNI and UNI Europa Conferences is located in its own grounds, away from the urban centre. In this period the hotel assures us that they have taken additional security measures.

Contrust, the Turkish agent that is helping to organize the conference, have also been consulted and will have additional staff available to control access to the Conference Room. They advise that all participants must wear their ID badge at all times during the Conference.

Contrust will have a reception desk at the airport and will organize transport for all participants to the hotel.

UNI Finance has decided to cancel the rally that was planned to take place on 22 October in Antalya city.

UNI has been reassured that additional precautions are in place to ensure the safety of our participants in the Conferences.

We look forward to seeing you in Antalya.


Marcio Monzane
Head of UNI Finance

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