We say “NO”!

Restructuring, outsourcing, disorganization, lack of workforce, commercial pressures,
We are fed up with it!

The OOSS started the procedure, provided by the Italian low, for declaring a strike in UniCredit Group in Italy

On Friday, September 2nd, Trade Unions met the Management: the COO Mr Paolo Fiorentino confirmed the externalization of SSC (assets and employees) in a newco owned for the 49% by UBIS (the new Group’ consortium ) and for the 51% by Hewlett Packard.
The transfer will started from November 1st, involving 230 colleagues now working in UCBP, except for mortgages dept and other dept which will be specified later.

UniCredit described the a.m.operation which ,once again, did not convince Trade Unions, in particular we are concerned about the involved workers’ future, both professional and occupational one.

The operation looks as a bet , the involved workforce as a cost to be eliminated.
It is also clear this is only the first outsourcing of a series: other ones are being projected, with the aim to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Which and how many other colleagues, in the next future, will be expelled from the Group to other companies with different contracts?

This operation – called NEWTON – represent a really serious act of discontinuity in Industrial Relations, in particular in terms of to managing problems in the Group.

This is an operation that effects the sense of belonging of all the employees, not just the involved ones , in a very troubled moment in which it would be necessary to create motivation, awareness and sense of responsibility.

The transfer of SSC outside the Group, strongly effects not only the National Contract in the Banking Sector but also the Agreement signed on October 18th, 2010, in which Unions had assumed important responsibilities, in a period of serious crisis in  Group corporate governance.

This is an operation completely out of an overall plan wich should be face the situation of the Group, seriuosly influenced by the persistence of economic and financial crisis and the wrong policies pursued by the company.

The Group seems to sail by sight , in continuous restructuring of companies, with the unique aim of cutting costs and staff, without a clear organizational plan.

The described project and the Bank’s reorganization as well ( decided just eight months after ONE4C starting) is a mirror of the a.m. situation; and we must mention the increasing disorganization, the apparent impossibility to rationalize the structure and managerial levels, the staff cutting in the network , the lost of professionalism of workers normally in direct contact with the customer; on another hand there are a lot, more then we can immagine, of control centers and very expensive relations with external experts.
Leaving aside continuing and unacceptable commercial pressure, the expiration with non renewal of the different professional levels connected with the role

Against this intolerable situation Trade Unions , on Friday 2nd, began the procedure – as per Italian labour law – to declare a strike of Italian Workers in the Group.

The Group has the responsibility of the strategic choices, and it is free to change its mind about relations with employees and Unions.
But without motivated employees and without Unions, UniCredit is going nowhere.

Milan, September 5, 2011

UniCredit Group Trade Unions
Stearing Committees
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