General strike 25 June 2010

The government has passed an unfair measure, unequal and with choices that depress more and more the economy.

Cgil thinks that the priorities and targets of an economic intervention, in particular, must be:

• Start the fiscal reform, lowering tax on dependent work incomes and on pensions and support the fight against tax evasion.
• Tax profits and big properties
• Shape a new industrial policy, or the third sector and services
• Launch a “Plan for labour” for youth and women, in particular, by encouraging the hiring of workers with open ended contracts and eliminating the great precariousness in the public and private
• Intervene on waste and reform the knowledge sector, in particular it is urgent to launch a training plan that invests on schools and universities
• Make the stability pact flexible for those municipalities which are virtuous, to start up building yards, especially those on the small public works.

No to the government’s manoeuvre

Since long it would have been necessary to encourage growth, to launch a “Plan for labour”, to ask everyone to contribute, starting from the highest incomes, big properties and enterprises.

The government has chosen to hit only the workers, women and men, both public and private, the temporary workers, the retired people, women and men. In fact, with the manoeuvre the government:

• Blocks public contracts, even the already renewed ones, and the seniority increases in the school sector;
• Cuts the transfers to municipalities and regions: less resources for development, less social performances and services, more expenses for elder people and weaker parts of society
• Stops for a year the retirement for all workers, women and men, and decreases safeguards for those who are in labour mobility
• Shuts down 40% of the research institutes and bodies
• Freezes turnover and dismisses half of the temporary workers in the whole public administration, it blocks the 2nd level bargaining and decides that from 2012 the retirement age for women in the public sector is 65 years.

CGIL reaffirms its steady NO to the “Collegato lavoro” (document linked to the financial act) that
attacks the rights of those who work and that does not even welcome the observations of the President
of the Republic.

Everything on our shoulders? NO

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