Workers say NO to “Banca Depositaria” selling

A lot of people joined strike and the demostration in front of UniCredito Head Office, Piazza Cordusio, Milan.

Today hundreds of workers demonstrated against decision of UniCredito management to sell “Banca Depositaria”.

Women and men gathered in Piazza Cordusio, Milan, in front of the Head Office of UniCredito Italiano making a human chain just around the whole building and showing their strong will to stay all in the Group, united.

We cannot accept that UniCredito management, while thanks all workers for having made the Group a leader in Europe , on the other hand shows no scruples about selling them to the best tender!

These conflicting actions have been enphatized during the demonstration with a symbolic behaviour: workers gave hundreds of envelops, including Mr Profumo and Mr Rampl letters, back to UPA management, as a token of complaint.

Workers and the undesigned Trade Unions consider Unicredito Italiano cannot ignore this strong and esplicit will , claim to be heard and ask for a new plan and an alternative decision.
Otherwise we’ll carry on further mobilizing actions.

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