Declaration of solidarity To the Workers of the banking sector in Slovakia

Comunicato CAE

The UniCredit European Works Council and The Uni Finance Trade Union Alliance in UniCredit , state our solidarity to all workers of the Slovakian banking sector, to whom since last December, have been denied the right of negotiation and obtain a Collective Bargain.

The Slovakian Bank Association (SBA) had arbitrarily removed Collective Agreement from their Statute, denying the main instrument for Social Dialog in the sector.

Social Dialogue, shared as fundamental value in UniCredit Group in any country and at all levels, has to be reset in Slovakia at once.

We are therefore asking for UniCredit to

- maintain/improve Social Dialogue in Slovakia and in the Group;
push SBA to review their decision and to come back to a modern Social dialogue: if they con rm their position any longer, it will lead to inevitable consequences.

Milan, 5 June 2017

UniCredit European Works Council - Uni Finance Trade Union Alliance Unicredit