Friday 17th: a wonderful day

On Friday 17th UniCredit Group workers in Italy stroke against 2S Banca (depo bank) selling without employment guarantees and without maintaining of economic and normative conditions.
The relevant percentage of colleagues on strike, about 80%, were higher almost then what happened for end of contract strikes last year; the most of braches remained closed indifferently all over the country. Strike heavily influenced security services and funds operations.
A demonstration starting from Milan Unicredito head office gathered about 700 workers and among these many young people.
This remarkable success means Group’ workers became aware of seriousness of situation and that UniCredito will to sell 2S Banca without guarantees must be fought.
This success means Trade Unions’ positions are shared and supported by workers, particularly the Trade Unions’ intention to maintain all company united inside the Group. On the contrary Group Management has the intention to sell other companies or activities : consequently they do not agree to give acceptable guarantees washing their hands of 2S Banca workers destiny.
Unicredit Group must think about this success: workers cannot be considered like “goods” to be sacrificed in the name of industrial plans, shareholders earnings, fabulous stock options for management.
Workers are and must be considered an essential part of UniCredit Group: they must be respected and listened to. Without their consent and support the Group will not go far.

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